Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hope and Ua star in "Danielle the Dolphin Talks to Sophie the Seal" at Ecorama

Puppet Show Script

Hope:  Hi.  My name is Danielle the Dolphin.

Ua:  And I'm Sophie the Seal.

Hope:  And we're here to talk about global warming.

Ua:  I blend in with the sand in the ocean and when the fish come close I grab.

Hope:  But that sounds easy.  What's the problem?

Ua:  The water is getting warmer...and my prey are moving away to colder water.    I'm hungry.

Hope:  That's like my problem.  I eat squid and fish that live in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean.  But it is not so cold and my prey are dying.  I'm starving.

Ua:  I have one more problem.  Where I sleep it's melting.  Becaause the sun reflects on the ice and the ice melts and then there's no where for me to sleep.

Hope:  I also have a problem sleeping because I need cold water to sleep.  But since the water is warmer, I can't sleep.

Both:  If you want us to stay alive...then use less fossil fuel.

Ua:  Use fewer cars.

Hope:  Use more solar powered buses.

Ua:  Use fewer factories.

Hope:  Use less grills.

Ua:  How do YOU think YOU can help?

Hope:  Thank you for watching.

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