Wednesday, October 21, 2015

More from Wild Staten Island

Before leaving for Staten Island Greenbelt, second graders worked in teams to select 5 to 6 objects that might help them survive if they were stranded on an uninhabited island. What could they use to find food, shelter, and water?
Many groups opted for cell phones and money, but soon realized that the lack of electricity and stores made those objects useless.

One team didn't want a mirror:  "There will be so few people there that it won't matter what you look like."  Others thought that a mirror could help them start a fire.

Tough decision.

At Staten Island, kids kept note of  available resources on a map of the trail.

Are those berries edible?

And they sketched, trying to draw what they saw.

Back at BNS, students organized survival ideas for finding food, shelter and water on a class chart.

Not the most appetizing menu but it will keep you alive:  worms, leaves, birds, mushrooms, birds' eggs.

Dig a hole at the edge of the island to get water.

Collect water from a lake and rain water...

What's next?  Using a computer to tell about island survival.  Building shelters. And exploring rock properties to see how they can be used.

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