Monday, October 26, 2015

One Day in the Life of the Hudson River: October 20, 2015

Across the State...from Albany to Valentino Pier, New York students were gathering data so that scientists could get a picture of the health of the Hudson River.  BNS fourth grade citizen scientists were all at Valentino Pier on a cool, blustery day.

Erica Kepski, Assistant Educator for the Department of Environmental Conservation, and J.E. are seining before students got there.

Students measured water temperature, turbidity, current direction,  pH, and wind speed.

Students also took note of the caught critters:  20 silversides and 2 Asian shore crabs...not to mention jelly fish.

Students also sketched what they saw in the River and wrote their thoughts, observations and questions.

The Question of the Day:  "When will the water be clean so we can come to swim?"

Thanks to Cynthia Fowx for taking these pictures.

BNS One Day in the Life of the Hudson River Report 2014

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